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We are having something great unbelievable for hardcore gamers like you. We promise it'll change your life and career, if you are really a hardcore videogame player, spending a lot of time with the joysticks. More information on black ops 2 cheats can be found at this www.iwantcheats.net .

We bring in the best job for you in this world

If you are spending a lot of time with your Xbox or Playstation playing the latest video game, we have a job for you that would not need any extra effort and skills and still earn a money like any other job. Rather you would be the happiest person, I bet. Also work from Home Only!!

Professional Video Game Tester

Yes I'm talking about, "professional Video Game Testing", which is one of the easiest work at home job with more money. I started with a regular salary of $10/hour making it $60/day.

Work As a Full Time Professional Video Game Tester & Earn Better Than Odd Day Job Holder Working From Home Itself!

Serious video gamers, who spend a a lot of time handling joysticks, are already earning nice bucks (on regular basis) by testing several video games and reporting bugs, errors, glitches if any.

So if you are such an enthusiast; we′ll help you earn a lot of money, playing and testing video games. The basic requirements for a video game tester goes like this - Spending bit more time playing favorite video games and possessing some excellent gaming skills, which you already have.

Why be the same Video Game Junkie.....if you could get the designation of Professional Video Game Tester..... if you could earn a handsome income with this....

Advantages as a Professional Video Game Tester

  • Get to play the video games months before they are released in the market.
  • Work from home at your own comfort.
  • You choose how many hours you work.
  • You play your favorite video game and earn from it.
  • Get access to secret codes, cheats, tricks for the games.
  • Free video game copies would reach you much before your friends.

Greatest Advantage

Now be known as a video game testing professional rather being called as the video games junkie!! You’ll be doing a real job with a handsome income. What more we need in this life?

Video Game Testing Career

Video game industry is worth about 20 billion dollars every year and a professional video game tester gets paid some $20,000 – $35,000 each year, playing his favorite game sitting in house for full time.



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